Koukuu Jyoho, a.k.a Airview, focused on Kitakyusyu Airport and a trip to Mojiko, edited by Yoshiko Sato’s photographs and texts. Moji port that is facing the strait of Kanmon is a critical place of history in Japan. In 1185, the Heike clan and the Genji clan fought a decisive war on its sea. An unforgettable war was a motive of the tale of Mimi-Nashi Hoichi, which Lafcadio Hearn wrote. Yoshiko Sato’s one of the most favorite authors, and his English tale described a Japanese ancient world and sentiment.

“北九州空港と門司港レトロ”をカラー4頁に渡って、航空情報誌1月号に掲載しました。壇之浦合戦の決戦地、関門海峡の波を体感して感激! 平家物語を紐解きましたが、琵琶法師の奏でる音色に聞き入りたくなりました。